Currently located in Dallas, Texas, Mychael Horak, or Mychael with a Y, works as a creative director and designer. He has styled and directed photo shoots for various photographers throughout the state of Michigan and has had his work featured on a billboard in Times Square in New York City via NGMI Studios. Mychael is self taught with his skills on sets of photo shoots, but also with his design aesthetic. He currently has his own brand named MYC, which includes beanies and hipster street style apparel.


Mychael is also known for his presence on social media as well as making a mark in the world of Reality TV. Mychael has over 50,000 cumulative followers throughout social media and uses those platforms to share with his followers all of the work that he does. Mychael has also appeared on America’s Next Top Model in Cycle 19 and 20 in the opening sequence. Mychael also works creatively in the music industry. He has helped on sets of music videos and on the creative public relations team for various artists, and is also currently working on composing and writing music.


Growing up in Elsie, Michigan, Mychael is the oldest of six and still holds close to his family and Czechoslovakian roots. He hopes to keep expanding in the creative and entertainment world with his fashion line and social media platforms to establish his brand and company.

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